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Dear One Direction fans who are still convinced that Louis Tomlinson's baby news is fake:

It's time to accept the truth. And we are here to help you through it.


Someone who once had to bitterly accept that Justin Timberlake was dating Britney Spears back in the day and totally understands how you feel

Look, accepting that your beloved celebrity is having a child with someone who is not you and/or Harry Styles can be rough. Especially in this era of Internet rumors and gossip and Twitter and Tumblr and whatever else you cool kids use for Hollywood news. You don't know what's real. When were younger, we didn't have any of that. We literally had to wait until the words came out of Justin Timberlake's mouth when Rosie O'Donnell (she used to have her own talk show!) asked him point blank: "Are you dating Britney Spears?" He said yes. Our world crumbled. We called our best friend and cried. But you know what we did next?

We accepted that our one true dreamboat, golden Ramen-haired JT, was dating the most beautiful pop star in the world. And that is the step that some One Direction fans (not all) are struggling with.

When the news was first reported, we were called every terrible name in the book by a lot of 1D fans who were convinced it was fake. "You're just making it up," they yelled, sharpening pitchforks. Sorry, we can't just make up stories whenever we feel like. That would cause a lot of trouble, and then important lawyer people would make us remove the story and we would have to redact everything. So yeah, we can't just make s--t up.

Still, a lot of you didn't believe us. More awful names were thrown our way. We had no idea One Direction fans had such an extensive cursing vocabulary. Their rationalization for this baby story was equal parts insane and impressive. "It's a marketing scheme." "It's a ploy to hide Harry and Louis' relationship." "It's all been cooked up by their management." Basically, unless those 1D fans are there for the actual birth and watch the baby spring forth from the womb, they are not going to believe this was real.

Maybe Louis Tomlinson himself confirming the news would mean those 1D fans in denial would accept it?

So this morning on Good Morning America…he did. Michael Strahan asked him about becoming a father, and here was Louis' chance to state clearly and firmly that the baby news was not true. Instead, he thanked the host for the well wishes, smiled and said he was excited about the baby coming and that he was "buzzing." Surely Louis talking about becoming a dad would mean 1D fans would have to face the truth now?

Nope. Damn, if denial was an Olympic sport, some of you Directioners would be decorated gold medalists. All over Twitter were fans crying that this wasn't a confirmation. "He only answered it because he was caught off guard and cornered! This is all still a ploy cooked up by management!"

Actually, more likely than not Louis knew this question was coming. That's what pre-interviews in the green room are for; so the celebs know what they are being asked and so they have a chance to tell the hosts which subjects are off limits. Isn't that the more likely scenario instead of "Louis really isn't having a baby and he's just going along with it?"

We're not saying that we know the whole story about this baby situation. We're just saying that when you hear hoofbeats, you should think horses, not zebras. It's an Occam's razor kind of a thing.

So it's time to take a step away from denial and anger and move on to acceptance. Or at least begrudging acceptance. You don't have to like this news, but maybe you should at least stop attacking anyone and everyone who talks about Louis' impending fatherhood. Send your congrats to Louis instead of coming up with conspiracy theories.

And hey, if your rationalizations turn out to be true, well, then our faces will be so red

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