Giuliana Rancic


With all of the hashtag hullaballoo and nearly-naked mishaps, it's more than refreshing to see a nice makeup-free selfie on Instagram.

Forgoing any eye makeup or concealer, Giuliana Rancic shared a sans makeup snapshot with her 2.2 million Instagram followers last night, captioning the fresh-faced pic to the tune of: "No makeup selfie with a last minute hat addition #justbecause."  

Given that it's August—meaning temperatures are skyrocketing, and plenty of ladies are adopting lazy girl routines—it can't come as a surprise that the 40-year-old mom would want to give the makeup a rest. Plus, the E! News co-anchor's got plenty going on these days, meaning that she's entitled to a clean makeup break for a while. 

With her last day on E! News fast approaching on Aug. 10, Rancic's still got quite the hectic schedule to tackle. The author and restaurateur is taking on the title of executive producer for the upcoming show Rich in Faith on Oxygen, plus she's got her wine and clothing lines to look after. She'll also remain a part of the E! family as the co-host of the Fashion Police and E!'s Live From the Red Carpet.

As for that selfie, G's low maintenance look qualifies as a glowing addition to the growing pack of stars' going makeup free on Instagram. And side note—are those hair extensions back in place?

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