Meek Mill

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Hey, you there! The one that's always saying you're going to start helping the less fortunate but never actually gets around to it. The one who "never has change" when there's a homeless person with a really clever sign. The one who "always has plans" when there's a food drive. Well, now is your time to really make a difference.

Meek Mill needs you, and we know you want to answer the call. He's a broken man, a man who's found himself not only shunned from his community but humiliated by his former friend who now gets his jollies from accusing him of playing second fiddle to Nicki Minaj. He's a man who tried and failed to burn Drake, and now he needs the public's help more than ever.

Luckily there's a website for that.

We give you, a newly created forum that's speaking out for the voiceless. It's seeking to raise money for the embattled rapper, in the hopes of bringing his brand back from the dead. Will you help?

As the website states, "Meek Mill was once a Philadelphia rapper that showed promise and was doing everything right." But all that changed with a few taps of an iPhone. But now it's become "apparent that Meek Mill was not the rapper we thought he was." He's in danger and "soon there will be no Meek Mill to save." This is your time to make a change, urges the site.

If you choose to give, your help will be twofold. Every donation to will help save the rapper's brand by giving back to Philadelphia youth through education. The newly-formed charity will strive to "inspire the youth into different career paths other than being the type of rapper Meek Mill once glorified" and "save the youth from any future embarrassment caused at the hands of their rap adversaries when they find themselves in a beef."

If this isn't a worthy cause, what is? If you won't give now, when will you? If we can't help Meek Mill, who can we help?

No one. Except maybe Drake.

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