Have you ever wondered what Rick Springfield's hit song, "Jessie's Girl," was really about? Well, Jimmy Kimmel was curious, and was able to secure an "exclusive," "never-before-seen" video of Springfield and his band first recording the song on Dec. 15, 1980. He then showed his Jimmy Kimmel Live! audience the footage Wednesday.

The video shows Rick, who played a younger version of himself, with his band in the recording studio, joined by the drummer, Jessie, and his beautiful blond girlfriend, Monica. Rick is back with his signature helmet hair and '80s-style clothing and classic sunglasses. The musicians' session started off well, but as soon as Rick sang, "Jessie's got himself a girl, and I want to make her mine," it started to fall apart.

"Rick, what the f--k?" asked Jessie. 

After looking uncomfortably at his girlfriend, Jessie decided it was OK and continued to perform, but it eventually became too much and he freaked out at his band mate.

Jessie's Girl Video, Jimmy Kimmel Live


"If your relationship is that shaky, I'm just saying, maybe she should be with somebody else," said Rick.

He tried to let it go again to no avail. Jessie couldn't handle the song's lyrics, which now included, "Where can I find a woman like that?" He serenaded Monica with his lyrics, making sure to point at her to drive the point home.

"F--k this," said Jessie. "This is bulls--t. That's not cool, Rick."

After Jessie stormed out of the studio, Rick took Monica by his side. She didn't seem to have a problem with it, but as soon as she confessed a secret to Rick, he changed his mind!

Watch the video above to see the twist ending that made Rick run after his band mate and say, "Jessie, we're all good, pal! The point is moot!"

If you need even more nostalgia, here's the original music video for the hit song. 

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