Khloe Kardashian

There's no need to criticize Khloe Kardashian's knees. And yet her knees caught some heat on Twitter today!

Why? Because apparently there's a perfect knee we all need to aspire to, and Khloé's joints just don't fit the bill. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star realizes, of course, it's ridiculous to ridicule the joints that connect her limbs and allow her to walk.

"For those of you commenting about how my knee looks funny.... I have had three major knee surgeries," she wrote. "One was reconstructed due to a car accident when I was 16. So yes, my knee will always look funny but I'm healthy."

Exactly, and the last thing we need is Khloé or any other women out there developing insecurities about their knees. Being healthy is the bee's knees—but nitpicking? Not so much.

Khloe Kardashian, Complex, Retouched, Unretouched

Complex; Instagram

Besides, was anybody looking at Khloé's knees in her sexy Complex spread?! No, all eyes were on the body she's worked hard for! Even then, though, there were knee-critics and those like 'em saying Khloé (cohesively) looked too good to be true. So what's a doll to do?

Post the unretouched pic for the world to see!

"This one is for all the troll haters out there that cannot seem to give me an ounce of credit for my daily workouts!" she wrote. "The image on the left is an unretouched photo from the actual camera on the day of the shoot. The image on the right is the retouched photo. Yes skin is smooth and shadows are removed but I still think I look good on the left image. Flaws and all...Hi hater!!!"


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