[Insert Tom Brady-balls joke here].

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the team, the Miami Dolphins unveiled photos of the throwback jerseys that is, according to their Instagram account, a "modern day homage to the original uniform worn in their first game on September 2nd, 1966." That's something that Dolphins fans will appreciate, right?

Except whoever runs their social media over there didn't really think this one through. You see, when you go to the website of the Miami Dolphins Instagram, what you get is a really cool collage of players sporting the throwback jerseys:

Miami Dolphins, Instagram

Instagram/Miami Dolphins

However, most Instagram users are scrolling through all their photos on their feed, which means people will see this collage one photo at a time. And that is how anyone who follows the Miami Dolphins on Instagram got this little number staring up at them from their screen:

That, football fans, is an exquisite crotch shot. Bulge-tastic!

We assume the person posting these photos really didn't know how it would look when all the pics were separated on Instagram feeds…or did they? Maybe we shouldn't be so quick to dismiss this as a silly accident and start thinking about an intentional crotch shot. That's certainly one way to celebrate your football team. And we support it.

Or perhaps they knew this collage would lead to a close up shot of a football player's pelvic region and figured no one would notice and/or make jokes about it. Obviously, they underestimated the immature, childish minds of folks on the Internet (including us). Rookie mistake. Always assume people on the World Wide Web have genitals on the brain. It's easier that way.

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