The world can be a s--tty, s--tty place. Stories like the tragic fate of Cecil the Lion proves that. But the world also has this video of a puppy reuniting with her mother in the most adorable fashion, so let's try and remember that next time we go into a rage blackout over that piece of garbage dentist.

Fair warning: you should definitely grab some arm floaties before watching this video because your happy tears will certainly threaten to drown you.  Rumble Viral user JarretR posted this freakin' precious footage of Harper, a 5-month-old puppy who gets to see her mommy for the first time since getting adopted at 11 weeks old.

You might worry that the mother would fail to recognize her own pup, but three seconds into the reunion will calm your fears. Question: Is there anything more ridiculously cute than Harper dragging her owner over as soon as she sees her mom? 


H/T The Dodo

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