The Weeknd is on fire (literally) in his new music video!

The music video for his figuratively hot song "Can't Feel My Face" came out today and it's surreal, catchy and funkalicious.

It's like Michael Jackson meets David Lynch.

The up-and-coming star sings in front of a less than enthusiastic crowd, until everyone is ignited when an audience member throws a lighter that sets The Weeknd ablaze.

Following the conflagration, the dance floor gets hot and everyone is feeling the rhythm.

The story arc reflects the progression of the song, in that the song starts out maudlin but then gets faster and more upbeat—and in turn more conducive to booty shaking. 

Clearly the pop star draws a lot of his musical inspiration from Michael Jackson.

The similarities between the two don't stop there; many music critics have compared the new star to MJ (for the most part favorably). 

This hit single will appear on the highly anticipated album Behind the Madness, which drops Aug. 28. 

Watch the hot music video for yourself!

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