Boyfriends watch girlfriends get catcalled


If you're one of those men who don't understand why women get so offended by catcalls because "they should be happy with the compliments," we suggest you watch your wife, girlfriend or some other woman you love walk down the street while she's barraged by sexist and inappropriate comments. Then we'll see how keen you are on those "compliments."

That's essentially the experiment Cosmopolitan put together when they filmed three women walking down the streets of New York City. As expected, they all got verbally assaulted several times by men. But instead of just showing the video to the world, they showed it to the boyfriends of the ladies who got catcalled. You can probably guess how they reacted.

Their responses were powerful and very visceral. They were horrified watching the women they love get comments like "nice t--ties," "bitch," and "I'll massage your feet."

On the plus side, these men finally became a part of the situation instead of just someone who hears stories about it. And now they know how much it sucks for women to simply walk down the street. So next time you fail to see the problem with catcalling, just imagine your sister, your girlfriend or your daughter hearing that kind of crude crap while just walking around. We doubt you'll be so blasé about it.

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