Even the queen can commit a faux pax. 

Helen Mirren was given a slap on the wrist when she appeared on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday morning, where she accidentally swore on live TV, prompting a hilarious response from the Oscar winner, who appeared a bit perplexed by the hosts' reaction to her slip-up. 

The 70-year-old Woman in Gold star was recounting a story about a camping trip she took in the eighties with then-boyfriend Liam Neeson, telling presenters Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway, "I love camping and I still do and I miss camping, my husband unfortunately doesn't want to camp... I went camping with an ex-boyfriend of mine, Liam Neeson. I lived with him for four years and we went camping in Cornwall.

PHOTO: Helen Mirren looks radiant without any makeup

"He loved camping as well and we had this little deux chevaux car, Liam six-foot-four in this deux chevaux car, his head was sticking out the top of the car really and we had our tent in the back and all our stuff and our little stove..." she continued. "And we get down there and we're camping in this tiny tent, all six-foot-four of Liam and me and we camp in this field - not like official camping site with electricity and loos and showers - none of that just literally a field, and it pissed with rain non stop for like three days."

Her utterance of the word "pissed" immediately caused the presenters to panic as Shephard replied, "Oh. We should apologize. We can't say things like that first thing in the morning...one of those moments when you put your foot in your mouth. Apologies."

While Mirren, who turned 70 on Sunday, initially apologized and quickly rephrased her words ("it rained a lot"), the Tony-award winner then asked,  "Why can't you say that? It's not very rude."

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Helen Mirren


"Can we have that debate another time, otherwise we'll get fired. You might be the Queen but you can't save us," Garraway replied as Mirren vowed to "shut my mouth." 

Later in the interview, the English beauty also opened up about the public's "fascination" with her youthful appearance and admitted it's a concept she can't wrap her head around. 

"No, I don't understand your fascination with it. And I don't think you have a fascination with it. I think you're saying what your editor told you to say," she said after calling the interest in her beauty routine "boring." 

"I just take it as part and parcel as my job. And it is," she added. 

As for her L'Oreal Paris' Age Perfect campaign? Mirren admitted, "To do a beauty campaign at my age is a bit sort of out of order really."

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