These are two super-cool exes!

In the deleted scene above from tonight's premiere episode of Stewarts & Hamiltons, Alana Stewart is finishing up a super-cute photoshoot when her ex hubby George Hamilton drops in for a surprise visit!

The fun kicks off as Alana and son Sean Stewart are sharing a mother-son moment when George walks through the door.

Right away, Sean and Alana catch George's grand-ish entrance.

In a side interview, Alana gets candid on her relationship with her ex-husband and what keeps them so close together.

"George and I have a really unusual relationship," she gushes over George. "We've always just been best friends. There's a real deep love between us."

Alana Stewart, George Hamilton

"George will occasionally just show up at my house and want to know if I can fix him a sandwich," she openly reveals.

But it seems that Sean wants George and Alana to be a little more than friends as he coaches the ex-lovers in for a kiss after they share a bit of an intimate moment.

"George give her a little kiss," Sean pressures. "Give each other a little kiss."

Aww! Overall, it seems everyone is happy for George's surprise visit—everone except for the dog that is!

Watch the deleted clip above to see the family's super-cute reunion moment.

Check out E!'s new reality series Stewarts & Hamiltons premiering tonight at 9:30 p.m., only on E!

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