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E! News caught up with Mark Consuelos just in time for the season-two premiere of Secret Guide to Fabulous.

Consuelos and his wife, Kelly Ripa are executive producers for the show, and when asked how they are able to work together so closely, and still remained happily married, Consuelos says, "It's funny, we were talking about it last night with our kids. You know, we've been working together since '94, so almost 21 years in close capacity, and I think at the end of the day we really, really get each other."

The 44 year-old confessed with a laugh, "I'm extremely annoying and she's very patient, so I think that's also how something works, that's why it works. So if two people live together, one has to be patient and typically the other one is very annoying."

The two are not only great business partners, they're also great parents. It's hard to believe their oldest son, Michael, is already gearing up for college!

Consuelos tells us that Michael "wants to go to film school and get into production or into directing. His mom thinks he's going to get into acting, that's probably what he'll end up doing, or writing or something like that...I think that he's really, really creative, super-talented, and he's been a great kid."

Michael even has his eye on the family production company, Consuelos adds. "He says, 'Hey! I could take over at Milojo!'"

MC1 and MC2 hitting the scene in Montreal. Great dinner at #milos.

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Their 18-year-old son is just beginning the collegiate search, but Consuelos says Michael spent a summer interning in L.A. "He had a blast," Consuelos noted, "But he said, 'You know, I'm an East Coast guy, so we are probably looking at East Coast schools.'"

However Consuelos adds, "We did go to University of Texas, Austin, because I wanted him to see a really big state school, and he dug it! He thought it was, you know, I wanted to scare him a little bit and it kind of backfired. He was like, 'Wow this is awesome!' and I go, 'I know, man.' Yeah, we really enjoyed the vibe and I've been saying for years it's a great place for music and film community is huge there, so it's on the list!"

Secret Guide to Fabulous' second season premieres Aug. 7 at 9 p.m. on Logo, and Consuelos says he's even picked up a few style tricks himself. "I am pretty standard the way I dress, but matching the belt to the shoe, you know brown belt brown shoe,  black belt black shoe, that's completely out of the window! I had no idea."

Other than their current projects, Consuelos says his dream project with Ripa would be, "a show that takes place on a Caribbean island that shoots for six months out of the year after our kids are in college...that's our dream to end up on an island somewhere."

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