Woodhouse, Archer


The Archer family lost one of their own earlier this week. George Coe, aka the voice of Archer's committed butler Woodhouse, passed away at the age of 86 after a long battle with an unspecified illness.

Coe had a long and illustrious career, including being a part of the original cast of Saturday Night Live, but fans of FX's animated spy comedy Archer will always remember him as the heroin-addicted British butler who would never quit, no matter what hell Sterling Archer put him through. And oh man, did Archer put him through absolute hell.

That's why we're feeling so many mixed emotions about the in memoriam tribute video the FX team has put together in honor of Coe. The video includes some of Woodhouse's best moments from the past six seasons of the show, and each clip is funnier than the last.

We're laughing so hard...until we're crying real tears because of that sweet ending. Press play on the video above now to see what we mean.

Thank you, Woodhouse, and thank you, George Coe. 

As for Woodhouse's fate in the upcoming season, Archer creator Adam Reed tells Esquire that it's "too soon" for them to strategize on how to handle Coe's passing.

"I'm not sure about Woodhouse's fate," Reed says. "It's too soon after George's passing to know for sure."

No matter how the showrunners decide to handle Coe's absence, Archer will never be the same without him. Hit the comments section below to let us know your favorite Woodhouse moment!

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