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Have you heard? Empire is about to get about 1,000 times more epic. That's because Ludacris just got added to season two's already chock-full list of guest stars. 

The rapper announced his role in an Instagram post, and we instantly rejoiced. For starters, despite what some people may think, Ludacris is actually a totally legit actor. His onscreen resumé is chock full of classic roles such as Law & Order: SVU and No Strings Attached. He's basically the next Sidney Poitier

Also, he could also bring some mad wordsmithing to the Empire script. Part of the reason we watch the show in the first place is for all of the awesome zingers and one-liners, and Ludacris knows a thing or two about writing an awesome line. Just give any of his songs a listen and you'll see what the fuss is all about. 

As such, we decided to pick out some of our favorite Luda lyrics that would be a great addition to any Empire conversation. Just be warned, The 'Cris isn't always the most appropriate.

1. "I'm worldwide, bitch act like y'all don't know"

2. "I'm drinking Remy and these bitches lookin' at me shady"

3. "On the hustle to see six figures or more, whether rappin' or pimpin' hoes"

4. "It ain't no one to trust but me/ And I got to make sure that I take care of my family"

5. "The royal penis is clean your highness"

6. "My rap career goes back further than your father's hairline"

7. "I'm a grown a-- man and you're sweeter than sixteen"

8. "You see I crush cowards, funerals I send flowers"

9. "I'm willin' to do whatever it takes, whatever the stakes"

10. "There are none greater; I'm the freshest on the scene"

11. "My squad is guerillas no questions don't like us then sue us"

12. "Inspiration get it out of me especially when they doubting me"

13. "Get back motherf--ker you don't know me like that"

14. "It's the knick knack paddywhack still ride in Cadillacs"

15. "If you're tired, you're tired; if you snooze you lose"

16. "Just bring the liquor there's already eight shawties"

17. "What are we doing tonight baby? 'Bout to roll up to this club"

18. "We about to get it crunk tonight"

19. "I teach 'em a lesson, have 'em stressin'"

20. "It's clear to see that I'm the motherf--king man."

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