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There's a big problem on Twitter, and we need to address it.

This morning, there was almost no cynicism to be found. Every day, we log on to Twitter knowing what to expect: Angry sentiments about the main grievance of the moment. Day in and day out, Twitter users are bitter and annoyed, and it's come to be an expected and comforting part of our day. 

But not this time.

When we opened up Twitter after the new Spectre trailer dropped, we expected to see all sorts of cranky grumblings about how desperate the new Bond movie is, or how Daniel Craig is lame, or the special effects are so fake. Basically we assumed that the response would be similar to that of the recent Suicide Squad or Fantastic Four trailers. Because if there's one thing Twitter loves to do, it's hate on new additions to a franchise.

But instead we found something completely baffling: enthusiasm. People are actually super jazzed about Spectre! They think that Daniel Craig is still totally awesome. They think that it's an amazing twist that Christoph Waltz is the villain. They think that the hints towards the "On Her Majesty's Service" theme is the best thing to happen to a trailer in the history of trailers. What the heck is happening?

It's not that we disagree, of course. Daniel Craig is still totally awesome, and we can't wait to see Spectre. But when was the last time that we, a normal human, agreed with the Twitter masses? (Besides this whole Donald Trump charade, of course). It's so bizarre and hard to get used to, it almost has us missing the cynicism. Just look at these heaps of praise:

Have you puked from the positivity overload yet?

After some serious digging we did manage to find a few Spectre naysayers, but their arguments are so boring that they can barely be identified as haters. They're probably still going to see the dang movie! It looks like we're just going to have to wait for the next trailer to release for the Twitter equilibrium to go back to normal. Suicide Squad, we're looking at you.

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