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People of America, make sure you're sitting down. We've got some huge, huge news: McDonald's may be adding all-day breakfast.

We repeat: McDonald's all-day breakfast is about to be a reality. We'll let the thoughts of mid-afternoon hashbrowns and late-night McGriddles sink in for a second.

Customers of the fast-food chain have been requesting an extension of the breakfast hours for what seems like decades now, long lamenting the stressful fight to get to McDonalds before the mid-morning menu cutoff (most locations stop serving breakfast at 10:30 a.m.) We doubt there's a person out there who hasn't woken up hungover, dying for a greasy brick of "potatoes," only to arrive to McDonald's minutes after the lunch switchover. It's downright horrifying is what it is.

But now that could all change. According to a secret inter-McDonald's memo secured by The Washington Post, the company has been conducting all-day breakfast tests in the San Diego and Nashville markets, and results have been positive. On top of that, an anonymous franchise owner who leads an all-day breakfast task force at the chain told the paper that the new breakfast hours could launch as early as October. October!

Also, is it just us or does the "all-day breakfast task force" sound like it would be a great concept for a movie?

Of course, as with all good news, not everything coming out of the secret memo is positive. The main downside is that it's going to be nearly impossible for locations to offer the entire breakfast menu all day. Due to a lack of equipment and prep counter space, individual locations will have to prioritize certain menu items. Biscuits versus muffins versus's like Sophie's Choice.

We should also remind loyal McDonald's fans that this is all still slightly circumstantial and the chain isn't making any concrete promises. But even an admission of possibility is a huge step forward. To the hashbrowns!

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