Prince George

TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge/PA Wire

No way, you guys, Prince George turns 2 today! Can you stand it?!

As we all know, a child's milestone best serves as a reminder to older people about the passage of years and where they went.

That's why your aunt spent all of your childhood celebrations saying "where did the time go?" over and over while eating ice cream cake and staring off into the distance, wondering how long it had been since her favorite TV shows went off the air and Gerald Ford left office.

Sure, today is an opportunity to gush over adorable baby pics and commemorative swag, but let us join the Internet in a collective sigh of "seriously, WTF, how?!" for a momentbecause this baby baller has lived quite a life in his toddler years, and at this point we only notice the calendar when a new Apple product drops.

Here are some people who definitely get what we're saying...

Happy Birthday, Prince George! Enjoy youth!

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