"How do you walk in those shoes?"

We doubt there's a woman out there who hasn't been asked that when she's wearing a pair of heels at the office. And it's not just comments about your (totally work-appropriate, fashion-forward) shoes that embody office life for women. Since the beginning of time, ladies have been subjected to all sorts of unfairness when they're just trying to do their jobs. It might not all be as obvious as the wage gap, but it's a problem nonetheless.

In order to illustrate this issue, BuzzFeed teamed up with Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina on a viral video that flips the office script—literally.

In the clip, Fiorina plays an employee who doles out all sorts of double entendre phrases to her male counterparts—statements that women are simply used to dealing with by now. There's the infamous "How do you manage the work-life balance?" Or "Is work less of a priority now [that you have a family]?" Or the lunchtime favorite, "Wow, are you gonna eat all that yourself?"

And there's the lovely phenomenon of being talked down to, getting assigned domestic tasks or the assumption that two women can't work together without being catty to each other. Doesn't being a woman in the workplace sound like a total blast?

That's what we thought.

Check out the video above and see if you can recognize a few of these jabs. 

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