Chris Hemsworth, Vacation


Even Chris Hemsworth's Vacation co-stars have something to say about his (ahem) member. 

Both Ed Helms and Christina Applegate recently sat down with E! News to discuss the upcoming film's most important cameo appearance, and judging by their own fascination with his pretty impressive body, it's safe to say that the National Lampoon's Vacation sequel should also include a space for "Chris Hemsworth's Penis" right next to Helms' and Applegate's names on the movie marquee.

So much so that the Hangover alum admits he holds a grudge against Hemsworth for his XXL endowment. 

"It's not fair that Chris Hemsworth looks the way he does and gets to be insanely funny. I resent him for that," Helms shared. "But I'm also damn grateful he's in the movie for that reason, because he's so funny."

So there's more to Hemsworth than just his irresistible looks? We're listening... 

"That sight gag with the underwear is a pretty funny visual, but what really makes it funny is his performance through the whole thing. He just sells it perfectly," Helms continued. 

Even Applegate can't help but acknowledge more than just the 31-year-old's acting chops. 

"First I'm gonna say, Chris Hemsworth steals every scene he's in in this movie. He is damn funny. He is incredible and was so fun to work with and awesome. OK, now we got that out of the way," Applegate joked. 

Great. Let's get down to business. 

"I didn't see the penis so much because most of us were in awe of the abs," Applegate revealed. "The abs were different than any abs any of us have ever seen, and we still to this day talk about like, 'How does he do that? How does he do that?' I see abs on fit people. Nope. I've never seen abs like that on a fit person."

To catch Hemsworth's glory in the flesh, check out Vacation when it hits theaters on July 29. 

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