Fitness Challenge Week 3 - Tricep Dips

Jennifer Cooper

With only one more week after this to go, you'd best believe our hard work is paying off.

After three weeks relying on celebrity trainer Hino Ehikhamenor—better known as "Hollywood Hino"—for the best toning workouts sans gym equipment (or a gym membership), we're feeling stronger and healthier than ever. But, there's still more work to be done.

As we move into this week, the circuits are going to be more demanding. But don't sweat it—all of your training and toning has led up to this point, so you've got this!

July 20: Upper body strength
Featured Move: Tricep Dips
Who said you needed pull-ups to get great arms? This move can be done anywhere, either on a chair or even on the ground. Keeping your hips elevated, raise and lower yourself by bending at the elbow to challenge those triceps. Go slowly to build resistance, and be sure not to lock your elbows. 

Workout circuit:
25 jumping jacks
20 wall pushups
20 tricep dips
20 forward arm circles
20 reverse arm circles
20 modified pushups
For best results, repeat the circuit three times. 

Fitness Challenge Week 3 - Split Jumps

Jennifer Cooper

July 21: Cardio 
Featured Move: Split Jumps
This fun move not only gets your heart rate up, it also works your hamstrings and squats. Start in a lunge position, jump as high as possible then land in a lunge position while switching feet in the air. Be careful to land softly and keep your knees in-line with your ankles. 

Workout circuit:
25 straight leg kicks
35 jog in places
25 split jumps
30 lateral hops in places
45-second plank
For best results, repeat the circuit four times.

July 22: Rest day
Give your legs time to recover, but don't take the day off completely—attend a class at your local gym or just taking a brisk 30-minute walk outside or on the treadmill.

Fitness Challenge Week 3 - Superman

Jennifer Cooper

July 23: Lower body strength
Featured Move: Cross Back Lunges
Much like the skater move, cross back lunges challenge your core. Stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width, and step back into a lunge while bringing your right foot behind your left and turning your knee toward the ground (be sure to keep your chest upright). Return to the starting position, then bring your left foot behind the right, and then back to start. 

Workout circuit:
25 jumping jacks
20 walking lunges
20 reverse lunges
20 single leg deadlifts
20 cross back lunges
20 sumo squats
20 calf raises
For best results, repeat circuit three times.

July 24: Core
Featured Move: Supermans
This move is designed to work the back muscles. Starting by lying flat on the floor, then lift your chest and your legs off the floor simultaneously by engaging your back muscles. Hold for a few seconds, then release. Repeat 25 times for one set. Use dumbbells and/or ankle weights for an added challenge. 

Workout circuit:
100 abs
45-secnod plank
25 crunches
45-second plank
25 reverse crunches
45-second plank
25 Russian twists
45-second plank
25 supermans
45-second plank 

July 25 & 26: Rest days
Saturday and Sunday should be devoted to weekend active rest, which means taking a brisk walk, going hiking or just picking any a fun fast-paced activity. 

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