Jessie James Decker is getting candid about her pregnancy with baby No. 2!

Over the past few months, the country singer has shared details of carrying her second child with football star Eric Decker in a series of YouTube vlogs. During her most recent upload, Decker opens up about everything from bodily changes to the differences between her two pregnancies and decorating her son's room! 

Though Decker says she's feeling great, the brunette beauty admitted she's, "a little tired. I've been taking naps a lot more during the days. When Vivi [the couple's 1-year-old daughter] goes down, I go down. I'm exhausted."

Jessie James Decker, Eric Decker, Vivianne Rose Decker

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Decker, who says her son is sitting so low that her "poor bladder can not handle it," thinks it could be no time at all before their adorable family of three adds one more bundle of joy.

"Whenever I go for long walks I feel this nervy feeling that I didn't feel with Vivi until two weeks before I delivered so I know he is ready to go," the 27-year-old shared. "Even though we've got lots of time left, I can just tell the position that he's in my body that he is ready to pop out."

As for more telltale signs, Decker is ready for motherhood? The Eric & Jessie: Game On star's nipples are leaking: "I'm going to have to start wearing booby pads so that it doesn't leak through my shirt."

Decker is opening this change with welcome arms though, continuing, "It means that I'm gonna be ready to make milk again and I'm very excited about that. I loved breast feeding and nursing. That was one of my favorite things about having a little baby."

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In between a sneak peek of her hunky hubby on camera, Decker said she's been busy decorating her son's room in both their Nashville and New Jersey abodes. While Jessie hinted at an upcoming surprise for fans who want to see the baby's Tennessee digs, she's chosen a "vintage sports" theme for the New Jersey hideaway.

Makes perfect sense when your daddy is an all-star wide receiver for the New York Jets!

Decker also offered wise advice for fellow moms-to-be. The star, who is 32 weeks along and has already begun packing her hospital bag, recommends bringing a comfortable pair of pajamas, a robe (Jessie loves her $14 Target number!), slippers and snacks. 

Jessie also thought of just about the cutest way to bring Vivianne together with her baby brother for the first time: "I'm gonna have a little gift for Vivi to bring him at the hospital and vice versa...a little gift that he can give her when he sees her." 


"I'm over the moon about the love that they're going to share as siblings, because as y'all know, I'm very close to my siblings and it's a very special bond," Decker explained. 

We can't wait for Jessie to share her wonderful baby news with the world!

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