Let it be said now: Paul Rudd doesn't give up. When he commits to a prank, he will ride that prank into the ground, and he will not back down.

Sure, he's probably super dedicated to acting and what not, but where he's truly ruthless in his need to have the last laugh. One could even say he's following in George Clooney's footsteps.

His latest foil comes at the expense of none other than television's Conan O'Brien. Loyal watchers of the late-night host will recall that Rudd has a little tradition whenever he comes on the show: Instead of playing a clip from the movie he is supposed to be promoting, he'll instead surprise O'Brien with a clip from the 1988 ET knockoff Mac and Me. Trust, it's way funnier than it sounds. 

During last night's visit, however, Rudd promised that the days of pranking were over. He's the lead in a Marvel movie now, and it's serious business. "I feel dumb that I'm not going to be able to show it this time," Rudd told Conan about the now-infamous Mac and Me clip. "But obviously Marvel...they get pretty upset." 

And wouldn't you know it? Conan took the bait. "We don't want to upset the hardcore fans," said the host as he threw to a clip of (what he thought was) Paul learning about the Ant-Man suit from Michael Douglas. And for the first few minutes, it seemed like Paul really was going to stick to the no-prank pact...until it turned out that he had actually spliced together scenes from Ant-Man and Mac and Me. Score one for Rudd!

But don't worry, Marvel addicts—after all the joking was over, he showed the actual clip, too. But just remember that Paul Rudd will always have the upper hand.

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