Gloriana, The Grove, Summer Concert Series

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Last night we met up with country music superstars Gloriana in between their soundcheck and their live concert in Los Angeles. The band was in town to perform as a part of The Grove's 2015 Summer Concert Series in partnership with Glade.

We chatted about a handful of topics, like how their current smash hit "Trouble" was written about a soured relationship of Rachel Reinert's, a song she calls a "revenge diddy."

Read on to get the inside scoop on the band's celebrity crushes, pet peeves, favorite pastimes and more.

Gloriana, The Grove, Summer Concert Series

Jenna Williams for E!

1. They Met Online: Brothers Tom and Mike Gossin actually drove to Nashville in their uncle's old car with no place to live, and after seeking Rachel Reinert out via her MySpace page, moved in with her, started writing music together and the rest is history. 

2. They Had Really Nice Things to Say About Each Other: When we asked them to describe each other in one sentence or less, Tom called Rachel a gypsy soul songstress and Mike a semi-prankster rock 'n' roll guy. Rachel jumped in and described Tom as a hippie with an affinity for dad jokes.

3. They Had Thoughts on Online Dating: Speaking of online, they are all spoken for romantically, but we asked them their thoughts about online dating—specifically Tinder. While Mike would give it a try, Rachel is a thousand percent about meeting people organically. Tom would be hesitant and thinks that photo-filtering apps can sometimes border on false advertising.

4. They Dished on Their Celebrity Crushes: Rachel admitted to crushing on Dave Grohl, Tom applauded Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black for her acting chops, and Mike praised the beauty that is Kate Beckinsale.

5. We Had a Chat About The Bachelorette: Back in 2012, they performed their hit "(Kissed You) Goodnight" on Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette. Rachel watches the show religiously and admits to fangirling over meeting basically anyone from the series. (She was rooting for Shawn this season and Nick gives her the creeps—in case you were wondering.)

Gloriana, The Grove, Summer Concert Series

Jenna Williams for E!

6. They Have Pretty Relatable Pet Peeves: Rachel can't stand "close talkers," while Mike gets peeved when someone leaves the last remaining chip in the bag and puts it away, rather than just polishing it off. Tom is a stickler for airplane etiquette and is not a fan of passengers that "man spread," breaching your personal space.

7. They Have Tattoos, and  a Lot of Them: Tom spontaneously got an arm tattoo at a random parlor while on tour in Italy. Mike has two full sleeves, but inked his first one in the basement of a biker's house when he was 16 years old. Rachel has a dainty heart stamp on her foot that she got with BFF Kelly Pickler on her 21st birthday. 

8. They Have Some Surprising Hobbies: Mike is an enthusiast of Blow Pops and watching movie trailers on YouTube. Rachel wears kyanite healing crystals to keep away negative energy, and Tom has recently found a hobby in yard work—especially mowing the lawn at his home in Nashville.

9. Their Bandmates Are Like Family: We know this because Zack Brisindi, the band's bass player, stopped by to answer a few questions halfway through the interview. A few things about Zack: He loves soccer, he grew up making music with the Gossin brothers, and now he even lives right across the street from them in Nashville.

10. They Really, Really Love Nashville: They are on the road most of the time as you might imagine, but when they do have two or three days at home, they are spending time palling around in Nashville. Some of their favorite at-home activities include canoeing in the Harpeth River, jamming in Tom's at-home studio and catching concerts together—most recently Ryan Adams and James Taylor.

Gloriana is currently on tour for their third album Three, which is out now.

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