Ben Affleck, ESPY Awards

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Ben Affleck just did something so out of character.

He paid tribute to a member of the New York Yankees!

In a previously unannounced appearance at the 23rd Annual ESPY Awards tonight, the Boston-bred actor showed up to present the ESPN Icon Award to Derek Jeter.

And yes, the separated actor was once again wearing his wedding ring.

"Hi, I'm Ben Affleck, I'm from Boston," the actor and Oscar-winning director said with a knowing smile. "If you're from Boston you always wanted to hate our next honoree. There was something about him that made the boos ring a little hollow."

Ben Affleck, Derek Jeter, ESPY Awards

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

True, not even the staunchest of Red Sox fans can really hate Jeter. (Or at least not all of them.)

"Maybe it was his inimitable class," Affleck continued. "Maybe it was that he won with dignity and lost with grace. Maybe it was simply that we knew, no matter what, he was a winner, regardless. Boston sports fans can be many things, but we know baseball, and we respect those who play the game the way it was meant to be played."

"He broke my heart 100 times," the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star laughed, "if not more. And he broke it again when he retired because he was absolutely one of the very best to ever play the game of baseball. So to you, Derek Jeter, I tip my hat, and I thank you for every last moment of your incredible career. You made the game better for everyone."

And Affleck, fresh from an appearance at Comic-Con over the weekend, just made the ESPYs a bit more exciting for plenty, as well.

Derek Jeter, ESPY Awards

Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Jeter, of course, was no slouch, giving girlfriend Hannah Jeter a kiss before taking the stage and then accepting the Icon Award with all of the aforementioned grace and class he brought to the field before he retired last year.

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