Dad Dance


We dare you to watch this video without bopping your head to the beat and biting your lip, because there is no way that this dude and his moves won't inspire your own dad dancing. Go on! We double dog dare you!

During The Vamps concert at Thorpe Park in England over the weekend, people witnessed an extraordinary event: a dad "smashing the dance floor" and completely out-shining the young folks around him.

We're not 100 percent sure he is a dad, but the blue polo shirt tucked into the jeans and the fact that he's at a boyband concert in the first place sort of signifies "DAD!"

Oh, and also his dance moves. Those also scream "DAD!" They also scream: "OMIGOD DAD STOPPP!"

But he can't stop, won't stop! Did someone order The Robot, shaken and stirred?! 

Dad dance GIF


Meanwhile, the dad in the white shirt is standing still, completely unaffected by the rhythm. Don't be the dad in the white shirt. Be the dad in the blue shirt.


(H/T Cosmo)

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