Susan Sarandon

Courtesy: Bryan Smith/Empire State Building

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Susan Sarandon is the coolest grandma ever. Hands-down, no questions asked, there is no grandmother in the world who is more hip and happening than Susan Sarandon. 

But after yesterday's hilarious (and amazing) exchange with Action Bronson and A$AP Rocky in which the actress invited the rappers to "blaze one," we realized that Sarandon is actually just an all-around cool person, grandma or not. In fact, we'd say that she's at the top of our list of all the Hollywood leading ladies that we'd like to grab a beer with. 

(That's right, Jennifer Lawrence, you just got booted.)

So in honor of Susan Sarandon's pure badass-ness (and in minor hopes that she'll want to reciprocate our feelings), here are 10 reasons why we want to be her BFF.

1. She's a 68-year-old woman who owns a nightclub. And not just any nightclub, a super trendy one that lets you get drunk and play ping pong. In fact, we think SPiN would be the perfect locale for our first friend date.

2. She's proponent #1 for getting a woman's face on American currency (finally). She even started an org, Women on 20s, to spread the movement. You go girl.

3. She's not afraid of a little adventure. She's even jumped on the back of a Harley a time or two. We'll ride a motorcycle with you anywhere, Sus.

Me, @mspennypuppy, my man JK & his stache on a Harley. #TheMeddler

A photo posted by Susan Sarandon (@susansarandon) on

4. She's a crazy dog lady, which is a lady after our own heart. Her own pups go with her everywhere, which means any night out with Susan turns into puppy time.

5. She's got a straight-up potty mouth. She's not afraid to drop a few F-bombs when necessary, and she never hesitates to tell it like it is. She even described her own granddaughter's birth as like a "National Geographic special." And that's just the quote we can print!

6. She likes to party. A lot. She's been to Burning Man and has talked openly about smoking weed in the Grand Canyon and even trying Ayahuasca. Sign us up for the next vacation, Sus?

7. She's downright hilarious. Sure some of her more famous roles are for serious flicks like Dead Man Walking, but did you see her play the booze-swilling, swindling granny in Tammy? That was a knee-slapper for sure.

8. She knows her way around a selfie (just scroll through her Instagram for proof of her snapping skills). And we all know that is a prerequisite to building any best friend-ship.

9. She has all sorts of wise life advice to give out. When she's not cracking inappropriate jokes or reminiscing about the wild days of yore, she's extolling all of her hard-earned life lessons. Because BFFs can't go crazy all the time.

10. She does amazing advocacy work, from speaking out about LGBTQ issues to helping with the Nepal earthquake rescue efforts. In other words, she's a great role model, and we need a BFF to remind us what really matters while we're panicking over our last failed Tinder date.

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