Fendi Purse Strap, Olivia Palermo

Jacopo Raule/Getty Images for Fendi

Are you ready for a truly silly splurge?

Fendi has announced they are releasing a new "Strap You" collection come November. The line will be made up of nine different purse straps including python and colorful studs. But get this? Each one costs nearly $1,000!  And that price is just for a strap, bag sold separately.

The idea is that this will help customize (any of) your carryalls—you can even get the piece monogrammed. Which, cool. But think of all the non-Fendi bags you could buy for that amount of money.

The Italian brand seems to be on a decorate-your-arm-candy kick lately. They recently launched a charms collection (aka the Bag Bugs). And while we'd admit the furry key chain creatures are kind of cute, when we imagine buying one—which would cost slightly less than a strap—we don't exactly get the warm and fuzzies.

Would you splurge on Fendi's bag accessories? 

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