Even with a bruised and battered face, Jake Gyllenhaal still manages to be hot.

In his new drama, Southpaw, the actor stars a champion boxer who attempts a comeback after his life falls apart when his wife (Rachel McAdams) is killed.

In this exclusive sneak peek at the movie, Gyllenhaal is answering questions at a press conference after winning a fight that brings his record up to 43 and 0.

Asked if he expected a hard fight, Gyllenhaal grumbles in a New York accent, "You can't expect anything. I was really just looking forward to just showing up, walking in the ring and having him fall on the ground," he jokes.

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Jake Gyllenhaal, Southpaw

Weinstein Company

From the back of the room, an up-and-coming boxer (The Strain's Miguel Gomez) challenges Gyllenhaal to a fight. "I just want to know why you won't give me a shot?" he says.

McAdams squashes the tension in the room by dismissing Gomez with, "I'm sorry, who are you?"


Directed by Antoine Fuqua, the movie's cast also includes 50 Cent, Forest Whitaker and Naomie Harris.

Southpaw is in theaters July 24.

Check out Rita Ora, who appears in Southpaw as a drug addict, gushing over Jake's hot box body in the video below.

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