A wise man once said "all you need is love".  Well, technically it was four wise men but that's not the point.

The point is, what did they mean by "love"?

Well, thanks to our friend, the Internet, we know have a little more insight to that famous four letter word.

In this YouTube video, 100 people, both men and women of all ages, are asked the question "What does the word love mean to you?"

From the adorable 2 year-old little girl who belts out a belly laugh to the 7 year-old who has already decided she is going to be single forever to the 105 year-old man who holds back tears when talking about his grandchildren— you will feel all the feelings.

We laughed. We cried. We wanted to hug our moms. Go ahead and grab some tissues.

What is Love?


Here are some of our favorite moments from the clip:

"I think love is—ah—love is a way—actually I'm not really sure how to answer this question" —10-year-old boy (nervously shaking his leg)

"It's complicated—love is a complicated thing" —14-year-old boy

"Well, if you are talking family-wise it means everything but if you are talking marriage, you can be single, that is kind of what I want to do"—7-year-old girl

"Love mean to me a big old kiss on the mouth" —17-year-old young man

"You know you're asking the wrong age group, the first thing I want to say love means never having to say you're sorry"—59-year-old woman

"I'm married 55 years. Our job in life the two of us is to look after each other and see to it that we are our best selves. So I try to help her be her best self and she tries to help me, and to me that's love I hope to do that as long as I can stay awake"—80-year-old man

"Love mean never having to say you're sorry but I don't believe that at all because I feel like you say you are sorry a lot"—34-year-old woman

"Love to me is the greatest marketing campaign ever invented"—35-year-old man

"It makes you do the things you never thought you could do—it makes life worth living"—56-year-old woman

"I always say I would rather love someone then be in love with someone because being in love with someone implies you can fall out of it"—19-year-old man

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