Fitness Challenge Week 7 - Sliding Forarm Press

Jennifer Cooper

Feeling the burn yet?

We're half way through our month-long July fitness challenge (hurray!). As you start to see the toned benefits of all your hard work, don't even think about slacking off and skipping a few days. You're almost there—now you just need to push through until the end!

This week, go-to celebrity trainer Hino Ehikhamenor—better known as "Hollywood Hino"—is back offering up the best at-home workouts to get your body in tip top shape. Now get focused, stay strong and start your week off right with an upper body workout! 

July 13: Upper body strength
Featured move: Sliding forearm press
This move looks a lot easier than it is. As shown, place your arms together while keeping your forearms and elbows pressed together, then lift and lower your arms slowly. The challenge is in keeping your arms and elbows together at the top and bottom of the movement. This works your chest, triceps and shoulders.

Workout circuit:
25 jumping jacks
25 sliding forearms presses
25 tricep kickbacks
25 no-dumbell flys
25 front shoulder raises
25 shoulder squeezes
25 modified pushups
For a more challenging workout, add three to five pound dumbells to the circuit.

Fitness Challenge Week 8 - Russian Twists

Jennifer Cooper

July 14: Core
Featured move: Russian twists
This simple move hits the entire abdominal wall with a focus on those lateral obliques. Keeping your feet off the ground, either knees bent or straight, twist your torso from side to side, bringing your elbows to the ground on each side. One set counts as a single repetition.

Workout circuit:
100 abs and 30-second plank
25 crunches
30-second plank
25 Russian twists
30-second plank
25 supermans
30-second plank
Pro tip: Use the timer on your smart phone to make sure you get every crucial second in for each set.

Fitness Challenge Week 9 - Prisoner Squats

Jennifer Cooper

July 15: Lower body strength 
Featured move: Prisoner squats
This move is the most challenging of the series—but not so much physically as it is mentally. Prisoner squats are a four-part move that tests your balance and stamina. Begin in a wide stance squat with your fingers interlaced behind your neck. Lower your left knee, then your right knee to the ground. Then raise your left knee, then your right knee to return to the squat position. That's one rep. Repeat for a total of 15 reps per circuit.

Workout circuit:
10 burpees
15 jump squats
15 prisoner squats
15 reverse lunges 
15 butt kicks
15 alternate side lunges
15 bridge/hip thrusts
30-second wall sit
For best results, repeat the circuit four times. 

July 16: Cardio
Featured move: Split jumps

This fun move not only gets your heart rate up, it also works your hamstrings and squats. Start in a lunge position, jump as high as possible and then land back in a lunge position while switching feet in the air. Be careful to land softly and keep your knees in line with your ankles.

Workout circuit:
15 straight leg kicks
25-second jog in place
25 split jumps
25 lateral hops in place
30-second plank
For best results, repeat the circuit four times. 

Fitness Challenge Week 10 - Mountain Climbers

Jennifer Cooper

July 17: Cardio
Featured move: Mountain climbers
While this is no one's favorite exercise, it is by far one of the most effective. Mountain climbers are high intensity, and also challenge all the muscle groups simultaneously. Get in a plank position, keeping your back flat, bring one knee to your elbow, then alternate. Form is more important than speed, so make sure you keep your back flat and bring your knees as far to the elbow as possible.

Workout circuit:
25 jumping jacks
25 high-knees in place (repeat four times)
20 air squats
20 mountain climbers
20 knee-to-chest moves
25 high-knees in place
25 jumping jacks

July 18 & 19: Rest days
Go relax—you've earned it! Make sure to stretch and keep moving around, and check back Monday for your last week of workouts! 

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