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Remember Alfalfa from The Little Rascals? Of course you do—you can't forget that signature hairstyle! 

Well, thanks to some digging from BuzzFeed.com, we now know what actor Bug Hall looks like in present day (and it's safe to say you may do a double take). 

"#UncleBug," the Honey We Shrunk Ourselves star wrote of a recent pic in which he's cradling his nephew.

"I'm lke a teenage girl ... with a freakin SICK beard, yo!" he wrote of another shot in which his bushy beard could give the Duck Dynasty cast a run for their money (Buzzfeed has even appropriately dubbed the actor a "lumbersexual" which, is essentially metrosexual with a beard). 

Bug Hall, Alfalfa

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Since starring as the beloved member of the he-man woman haters club, Hall has continued to appear in movies—he most recently completed filming on Subterranea—and he has made a number of TV appearances on show's such as CSI and Criminal Minds

Still, he hasn't forgotten about his Little Rascals roots, and he even recreated iconic images from the film with his co-stars, including Travis Tedford (Spanky) and Brittany Ashton Holmes (Darla), in honor of its 20th anniversary last year. 

"Watching @CrimMinds_CBS it's the episode with @Bug_Hall, guess Darla drove Alfalfa crazy," one fan tweeted last week which 30-year-old star also posted on his page. 

Are you a fan of Bug's bushy beard? Tell us in the comments. 

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