Victoria Beckham, Vogue Australia

Patrick Demarchelier

Victoria Beckham is all about finding the "normal" in her life.

Sure, she might have been part of the Spice Girls, and yes, she has made a hugely successful name for herself in the fashion industry, but she's just trying to be a regular mom and businesswoman. Appearing on Vogue Australia's August cover, Beckham opens up about building her fashion empire, her family and work.

Even though David Beckham's wife looks anything but normal, she tells the magazine that her weekends are just like everybody else's: running errands, driving her kids someplace and grocery shopping.

"I like doing those kinds of things," she explains. "That's how our entire weekends are taken up, really."

She adds of life at home with her children, "Sometimes when I'm screaming at them to do their homework or clean their teeth, I say, 'Mummy was a pop star once. Mummy was somewhat cool!'"

Victoria Beckham, Vogue Australia

Patrick Demarchelier

You're still cool, Posh.

"A lot of people probably don't even notice me," she adds. "I'll dash around Marks & Spencer in my flat shoes, head down, with a shopping basket ...Occasionally, at the checkout, a cashier will say: 'You look just like Victoria Beckham.'"

*Gasp* we thought the fashion designer never wore flats! Never say never.

But despite all of her success, whether in the music industry or in the fashion industry, the former singer explains it's her husband and children, Brooklyn BeckhamRomeo BeckhamCruz Beckham and Harper Beckham, who make her so happy.

"The three boys love football like their dad; they love all sport, not just football. And they're into so many other things. They love art; they're very creative, very arty," she says of her kids. "Brooklyn loves photography; he's got a really great eye. They're good boys, polite, hard-working and very happy."

As for her eponymous line, Victoria explains that she would love to expand into menswear, children's wear, etc., but her CEO tries to reel her in! Eventually, however, she hopes her "loads of ideas" will come to fruition. In the meantime, she's busy visiting her London shop to check in with the patrons.

"I like to meet my customers," she tells the mag. "I like to hear their feedback, what they like, what they're responding to."

Even though there are tons of people weighing in on her designs, it's the customer Victoria cares most about.

"I want to give her exactly what she wants," she says. "That's why I'm doing what I do."

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