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Caitlyn Jenner really wants to connect with her fans and followers, so she's giving them the opportunity to ask her anything on her website.

(Last month, Caitlyn chose to identify publicly as a woman and E! News will refer to her using female pronouns. In stories published before this date, she was referred to as Bruce Jenner and male pronouns were used.)

But because there have been so many comments and questions, her site crashed! Rest assured, she explains that she's reading all of the "kind words" that people send her, and in this latest post she wanted to pull out and answer some specific questions. To announce her latest post, Caitlyn shared a photo of herself on social media holding up a calendar that reads, "Day 1: Stop bullying today."

"So thankful for the positive outpouring. I'm excited to start answering some of your awesome Qs. Love you all!," she captioned the pic.

One fan named Kim asked Caitlyn was her "favorite part" has been so far since her Vanity Fair cover, and she answered, "Just being able to be myself." Describing a trip she went on with her "new friends," Caitlyn gushed that it was incredible to just be herself the entire time and no one else.

"I packed for the first time—as just Caitlyn, nobody else—which is the first time I've ever done that. I was gone for five days and had such a fantastic experience with all of these girls who have all been through the same thing," she writes on her site. "We had so many stories to tell. We had so many things that we were all dealing with. It was just truly a liberating experience.

"I knew then that I could never go back."

Although she has been having an amazing time since coming out as Caitlyn, she admits to another fan that there have been some hard times. "It's been both eye opening and difficult to see firsthand what so many members of the trans community have had to go through just to be themselves," she explains.

"I hope to help raise awareness of these hardships so that it becomes a less painful process going forward."

But she's keeping an optimistic attitude. 

"That said, the future looks bright," she continues. "I knew that my transition would get some response, but I certainly never expected all of this. It's honestly been incredibly positive."

I Am Cait premieres July 26 at 8 p.m. on E!

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