Hey, have you ever heard that story about how Tyler Posey got us fired?

OK, relax. We are TOTALLY joking. But hey, it could've possibly happened. How? Because the Teen Wolf star took over for us, adding E! News correspondent, during our interview at Comic-Con this weekend, and he was kind of awesome at our job.

Turning on reporter-mode with his co-stars Dylan Sprayberry and Cody Christian in E!'s LG G4 Suite, Posey asked some pretty darn good questions when we put him on the spot...and then things took a totally bromantic and adorable turn when he couldn't  stop gushing over Christian, who also stars on Pretty Little Liars.

Seriously, we double-dog-dare-you to make it through the video above without saying "Aww!" just once. (Ditto the photo at the bottom of this post!)

Eventually, we did, you know, do our job, and had to grill Posey, Sprayberry and Christian about what's coming up the rest of this season, including a lot of bromance "conflict." Which lead to a fight breaking out between Posey and Sprayberry during out interview! Wolves, you can't take them anywhere.

Of course, we also had to congratulate the gang for their season six renewal, which was announced during their panel. But will Christian, who plays new troublemaker Theo, be returning? 

"I think if the story finds it necessary to have Theo involved, then I'll be here," Christian said of sticking around in Beacon Hills, adding we may see another side of his currently no-good, very-evil character in upcoming episodes.  

To get more scoop on what's ahead, and to hear what Posey is currently talking about in a group-text with O'Brien and Tyler Hoechlin, press play on the video above now!

P.S. Those awesome shades Sprayberry's sporting? Those happen to belong to us! He doesn't look half-bad in them though, right?!

Teen Wolf airs tonight at 10 p.m. on MTV.

E! Takes Comic-Con
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