Bryan Cranston


Forger Walter White—Bryan Cranston channeled Heisenberg this week...with a mic drop!

This week, the Emmy-winning actor took part in a Nerd HQ Conversations for a Cause panel event for the new Crackle animated series SuperMansion and gave a surprising and shocking response to a Breaking Bad fan's question.

The young man said he grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the hit AMC show was filmed and where it took place, and asked if there were "any cool places" he liked when he was there.

"How was it?" he asked, smiling. "'Cause, it's my hometown, so I wanna know, how'd you like it? Did you have fun there?"

"Yeah, I'd go and visit your mother once in a while," Cranston replied, drawing laughs, applause and  lot of loud "OHHHHHHs" from the crowd.

"Oh, that was a little mean!" the fan said, as the audience continued to cheer.

Cranston responded by literally dropping the mic.

The fan appeared to take the joke in stride, laughing heartily.

The Nerd HQ Conversations for a Cause series is being held at the New Children's Museum in downtown San Diego, California, over the same weekend as 2015 Comic-Con.

The panel discussion was filmed by event partner Watch Cranson speaking to the fan below (skip to 9:08:25):

Meanwhile, Cranston is going from villain to superhero—he plays one in SuperMansion. Watch a teaser trailer below.

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