Oh, you thought just because Tyler Hoechlin is no longer on Teen Wolf that he'd miss the MTV hit's panel at Comic-Con this year? Silly, silly TV fan!

Fans who attended Teen Wolf's panel on Thursday were in for quite the treat when an audience member asked if we'd be seeing Hoechlin reprise the role of Derek on the show.  Stars Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien wanted to know, too, so they decided to put Hoechlin on the spot, Facetiming him during the panel.

Whille he didn't answer at first, he eventually called back...and had no idea what he was in for! What followed? The kind of amazingness that can only happen at Comic-Con!

One of the best parts of the entire scenario? O'Brien's hilarious reaction to Hoechlin calling, Hoechlin speaking to the audience and just reacting to everything in general.

"Everyone wants to know, do you miss Derek?" Posey asks, to which Hoechlin, who is currently traveling overseas, responds, "I miss Derek very much."

Also, Posey telling Hoechlin "I love you" more than once actually slays us. So. Freakin'. Bromantic. 

Watch and bask in the amazingness in the video above, taken by yours truly on our LG G4 device, during the panel!

But will Hoechlin actually return? Not anytime soon, unfortunately, though boss Jeff Davis told us he's hopeful Derek will eventually come back to Beacon Hills. "I can say he's not back in Part A, the first 10 episodes, but we're absolutely leaving the door open for Part B." 

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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