Daniel Radcliffe, Watch What Happens Live

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Who knew Harry had such a nice heinie? 

Well, all of Britain, obviously.  

Daniel Radcliffe beat out fellow Brits Fifty Shades of Grey's Jamie Dornan and tennis star Andy Murray to win this year's distinguished Rear of the Year Award. 

So what is this honor all about? It's basically the Academy Awards for butts. The Rear of the Year Award has been around for four decades and gives recognition to some of Tinseltown's greatest tushies. 

Brits nominate and vote for the British male and female celebrities that they believe have the best "assets." The winners score not only a fancy trophy but butt bragging butt rights, too.

Congrats to the Harry Potter star and this year's female winner, actress Kym Marsh.

Notable past winners include singer-songwriter Charlotte Church and television presenter Graham Norton.

Daniel Radcliffe

Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

The actor is no stranger to getting naked on camera.

Despite stripping down for multiple films and the stage play Equus, Radcliffe insists going nude isn't a requirement when it comes to choosing his movie projects.

"I can't get enough of it!" the 25-year-old joked last year when promoting his romantic comedy What If. "It's not something that I'm trying to achieve. It's something that I don't have a problem with. I did the play where I got naked when I was 17, once you do that you don't really care. It immunes you to any inhibitions. Again, not something I seek out but never something I'm going to shy away from."

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