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Young love doesn't always last forever, but it doesn't necessarily have to end on awful terms either.

The latter situation seems to describe Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid's breakup--the former couple insisted their split this past May was an amicable one, and this truly does seem to be the case. The Aussie singer and Ralph Lauren model, 18, recently told Yahoo! Style, in fact, that while he and his model ex, 20, are no longer texting BFFs, they still "talk every now and then…"

Gigi Hadid, Cody Simpson, Coachella

Melissa Hebeler/E!

"...but people grow in different ways and separate, you know?" he went on. "We'll never have any animosity between us, as it should be, and I want to be supportive of her. We're just on different paths right now."

And while Gigi has been getting pretty close with Joe Jonas, Cody insisted he's "not dating anyone" at the moment, telling Yahoo! Style, "I haven't moved onto another celebrity girlfriend."

"And just because I haven't tweeted for the past ten minutes doesn't mean I'm dead. Seriously," he said with a sigh. "I hear a lot of weird stuff about myself."

These days, though, Cody's doing his best to keep his name out of the tabloids. "I stay in Venice Beach. My close friends are surfers. They don't give a f— about the entertainment industry," he said. "They're my haven. In Hollywood, people can be so creative and so inspiring, but the gossip there, and the people who judge other people—make themselves feel better or figure out ways to be better than everyone else—that's what I don't like.  When people ask, ‘How can you be friends with this person? They dated this person, didn't you know? Oh my gosh, are you dating this person now?!' I'm not, by the way."

Luckily for Cody, he's not the only one in Tinseltown who doesn't sweat the small stuff—Bella Hadid, Gigi's 18-year-old sister, seems to be on his same page. "I've known Bella for a couple years, because of Gigi," he told Yahoo! Style. "She'd always hang out with us and I always liked her, because she's chill. She doesn't care what people think of her. She's more of a badass [than Gigi]."

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