Conan O'Brien had to get to San Diego Comic-Con Wednesday, so he and Andy Richter took the road less traveled: Fury Road.

The late-night talk show host, dressed as The Doof Warrior (it wouldn't be Comic-Con without cosplay!), hitched a ride on Mad Max's War Rig, driven by Richter, and both made their way to the annual festival to spend a week hosting shows from the convention. Richter, who dressed as Immortan Joe, led the group south, but not all went as planned.

O'Brien, Richter and the Basic Cable Band, who deejayed their road trip with some serious beats, ended up getting making a wrong turn somewhere. Coffee in hand, Richter and O'Brien tried to figure out what caused them to lose their way.

"I don't know where we got lost," Richter said.

But because O'Brien and the band were too busy making music instead of helping guide their driver, Richter explained that they should keep their concert's volume down LOL.

Conan O'Brien


"The guitar is so loud I can't hear the GPS," Richter said.

The redheaded host apologized, saying his passion for the guitar and excitement for Comic-Con got the best of him. Afterwards, they were able to find their way back onto the highway and continue the jam session, which also happened to include searing hot dogs using the flames from O'Brien's guitar.

The Conan host, attached by harness to the rig, and the rest of the gang finally made it to San Diego, where the welcome sign was engulfed in flames—that's one way to make an entrance!

O'Brien isn't the only person making a grand entrance into the weeklong convention. E! News can exclusively reveal that Bill Murray will also be making his first appearance to promote his upcoming film, Rock the Kasbah.

In the movie, Murray stars as a music manager who takes a teenage singer he discovers in Afghanistan to Kabul to compete on an American Idol-like competition TV show called Afghan Star.

Comic-Con has only just begun and already it's making us giddy for the rest of the week! 

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