Keke, Lucien, Scream Queens

Are you afraid of ghosts? So are the stars of Fox's hotly-anticipated fall horror-comedy show Scream Queens!

But that didn't stop Keke Palmer and Lucien Laviscount from facing their fears for our own amusement! So selfless, these two gorgeous stars are.

The Scream Queens duo decided to take a carriage ride all around New Orleans, where the show is currently filming, and visit some of the city's most haunted spots...and they documented the whole thing on camera. From legendary haunted houses to bars, there's no limit to the amount of spooky spots in this historic town, so Keke and Lucien visited them all and are sharing their experience exclusively with E! News.

And it kind of feels like we're playing third wheel on the scariest-yet-coolest date ever!

Press play on the video above now to watch the twosome's equal parts hilarious and terrifying spooky ghost tour! "I'm just scared," Lucien admits. Good thing he has Keke there to hold his hand on their "haunted" yet "romantic"  tour. Um, how cute are these two?!

Too bad Scream Queens, which premieres Sept. 22is more about the kills than the romance.

"It's a cross between Heathers and Friday the 13th," showrunner Ryan Murphy says of the horror-comedy (hor-com?) about a sorority, led by the delightfully campy Emma Roberts, that becomes the target of a serial killer. "These girls are kick-ass. They're not waiting for a boy to come in and rescue them. They're the ones doing the rescuing." 

We're already in love with this new series (check out our thoughts on the premiere episode!), and soon, you will be too. We've never been more excited to go back to school!

Scream Queens premieres Sept. 22 on Fox. 

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