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It seems like only just yesterday we watched Walt (Malcolm David Kelley) get abducted by the Others off the raft while his father Michael (Harold Perrineau) screamed his name on that game-changing season one finale of Lost. But it's actually been over 10 years since that episode aired, shocking us all to our core. Whoa. Where did the time go?!

But Lost isn't done throwing us for a loop even though it's been five years since the ABC show went off the air for good (in one of the most divisive series finales of all time, might we add)...because young, innocent Walt grew up since leaving the show, and now he's totally hot! His time off the island has treated him very well.

Kelley is now one half of the pop duo MKTO, aka the boys responsible for that super catchy song "Classic" that you couldn't get out of your head all summer long last year, and he actually started growing up rapidly after the first season of the ABC drama. That's why he was only seen on the show sporadically for the next four seasons, and even Kelley himself wanted to return to the show more!

But his growth spurt didn't end there, and when we caught a glimpse of MKTO on The View this morning, we could hardly believe our eyes...who knew Walt would become such a hottie?!

Press play on the video above now to see just how much Kelley has changed since his days on the island, and learn about how he got into the music biz. Prepare for your jaws to hit the floor. 

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