In the deleted scene above, Dr. Dubrow gets to see the post-op result of reconstructing Evelyn's Botched tummy tuck!

"I haven't had a belly button in 10 years," Botched patient Evelyn says. "I put carnelian in my belly button so that this can heal perfectly."

At Evelyn's day one check-up appointment, Dr. Terry Dubrow is totally shocked at how well she's looking after her surgery, "This is exactly what I wanted to see."

"You look like someone who's two weeks out rather than right away out of surgery," Dubrow gushes over the patient's nearly miraculous healing.

Terry Dubrow

But it turns out, Evelyn and her husband aren't the only ones who believe in the magic of Crystals.

"I have a sort of mystical nature to my life, so I vibrate on the same weird channels Evelyn does," Terry says alluding to believing in the power of the crystals. He even goes as far as to rub them for good luck before his next procedure!

Over all, we think Evelyn looks great post surgery, and if it's the crystals speeding her recovert time up, we just might start believing too. Watch the above clip to see for yourself! 

Tune-in to the mid-season finale of Botched this Sunday at 9|8c only on E! 

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