Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte, Christening

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Let's start this by saying that we personally care a whole lot about all activities of the Royal Family. It's not like we're sitting at home monitoring every move the Windsors make, but let's call a spade a spade here. Kate and Will (and their brood) are attractive, rich and freaking royal. There's no way that doesn't add up to fascinating. 

But we're also realistic—there's a good chance that public interest in all things royal have tapered off a bit since the heyday that was the Royal Wedding and Prince George's birth. The simple fact that thousands of people didn't camp out for weeks to see Kate go into labor the second time around proves that either British people no longer find the Windsors exciting, or they've had to go back to their, like, jobs and stuff.

So what better way to take stock of the interest level than to weigh reaction to yesterday's Christening. When little George pranced around in his white dress two years ago, his fellow countrymen were rapt. Rapt! Can the same be said for baby Char? Let's find out, via the most scientific sociological study: Twitter.

First we'll start with the positive:

And now for those who weren't exactly excited about the festivities and/or think the rest of us are losers for caring:

And lastly, there were a few folks who simply had a few questions about the whole affair:

So what's the final conclusion here? For starters, Kate and Will (and the rest of the family) should probably start thinking a little bit longer about their fashion choices. Citizens are not feeling the flashback 'fits. But sense of style aside, it seems there's a general decline in hysteria since The Original Christening. Maybe it's a hazard of scheduling? Yesterday's event did go down on the same day as the World Cup final, after all.

Either way, it seems that the Royals are going to have to up their game next time around. Or there's the possibility that they're not bothered in the slightest that a private family occasion wasn't the biggest news story of the week. Yeah, let's go with that.

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