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Afshan Azad totally Neville Longbottom-ed, in that she grew up like a normal human and now looks different than she did at age 16, as most people do.

But recently the entire world suddenly took notice that the Harry Potter star is now an extremely gorgeous woman, and that's made Azad a tad uncomfortable and mostly confused.

Padma Patil, Afshan Azad

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First of all, the 27-year old, who played Padma Patil in the Harry Potter franchise (Ron's date to the Yule Ball and a member of Dumbledore's Army), is definitely stunning. There is no doubt about that, and we aren't arguing the fact that she grew up to be freakin' beautiful.  But she doesn't seem to understand all the hype and hullabaloo that suddenly came about, and we are inclined to sympathize with her a bit. But only a bit because we can't feel that sorry for someone so startlingly attractive. 

"As much as I'm flattered, is there a need?" she tweeted with a link to a Buzzfeed post titled "This Is What Padma Patil From The Harry Potter Movies Looks Like Now."

Apparently there was a need, because as sure as we will write about any kind of animal video, her photos exploded all over the Internet. And soon enough, most websites were going bonkers over Afshan. While most people would probably welcome the attention, she struggled to comprehend it.

In a series of tweets, she wrote about how she's "looked like this for years" and that she didn't go through a "transformation" but she "just grew up!"

According to her IMDB page, Afshan never acted again after Harry Potter so we assume we won't see her spin this publicity into a revived show biz career. She is, however, thankful for all her new followers who are no doubt just as transfixed as we are over her flawlessness.

Welcome to the world of going viral, Afshan! You're probably going to hate it.

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