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You love TV, and we've got plenty of spoilers to spill, so let's continue with this wonderful relationship, shall we? In today's edition of Spoiler Chat, we're bringing you exclusive scoop from Chris Colfer on his highly anticipated debut as a writer on Glee, and a relationship update from one of Pretty Little Liars most popular Rosewood residents.

Plus, read on for juicy details on upcoming episodes of True Blood, Orphan Black,  The Big Bang Theory, Teen Wolf and more! 

Lisa: I am desperate for some Steroline scoop! They are my favorite part of The Vampire Diaries this season!
Episode 18, Paul Wesley's directorial debut, is, sadly, a little light on the Steroline front. "Stefan and Caroline don't interact in my episode," Wesley spills, before adding, "Actually they talk on the phone!" So, basically, they are engaged now? Yay!

Danielle: So excited that Kate is coming back to Teen Wolf! But what is she?!
Jeff Davis, take it away! "She's…well, I guess I should let it stay secret. I won't tell you! [Laughs.] But she's specific and there's a reason for it." He adds, "We are really excited about Kate. We're excited about making her a really powerful villain, about her relationships with both Argent and Derek, and now what she does now that both she and Peter are resurrected." 

Gregory: Anything on The Blacklist? It's on fire lately, but I need even more answers about Tom!
Patience, grasshopper! "There are definitely answers coming at the end of the season, it's not just going to be questions forever," Ryan Eggoldpromises, adding that Tom is "at the point of no return. There's no going back." Oh, and prepare to see him improvise a lot when Liz unexpectedly brings his "brother" to town for a surprise visit for their vow renewal ceremony.

Patrick: I need you to tell me some Big Bang Theory scoop. It'll make my day so much better!
We're all about making you smile! (And pizza. We adore pizza.) In the season finale of our beloved geeky comedy, Sheldon will be having a very mystical interaction with a never-before-seen character. We all know that Dr. Cooper is a many that firmly believes that science has an answer for everything, so how do you think he'll react when he comes face-to-face with a psychic? Yup, we think he'll freak out too...

Orphan Black, Tatiana Maslany

Steve Wilkie/BBC AMERICA

I was so excited to hear that you guys are big Orphan Black fans, too! Got any news on my favorite clone Allison?
You have no idea how deep our Clone Club devotion goes. In fact, in case you haven't heard, it's Orphan Black week on E! Online! We're rolling out a new and exclusive video each and every day this week to get you all as pumped as we are for season two. (And in case you missed it check out our first two videos here and here!) Alison is going to be having a hilariously hard time in her suburban sanctuary when the BBC America hit returns. So what is her emotional outlet? The local community center play, of course! We love you, Allison, but after witnessing your opening night, maybe you should just stick to scrapbooking...

EmisonLoverr: I need that Emison scoop from your Pretty Little Liars interviews!
We hate to potentially burst your bubble, but it looks like there could be another fish swimming in Emily's pond of pretty ladies. In season five, fans will be introduced to Sydney, a newbie on the Rosewood High swim team who is both friendly and easy on the eyes. Could Emily be abandoning both Alison and Paige for a newer model?! We caught up with Shay Mitchell for a little relationship update: "For the Paige and Emily fans, I would say to hold tight. Nothing's ever said and done. And I will say to the Emison fans, you never know what could happen again. So stay tuned."

Chris Colfer


I'm so freaking excited that Chris Colfer is going to be writing an episode of Glee next year. Do you have any idea what it's going to be about?
We're thrilled to! So we made sure to ask Chris Colfer about his episode plans when we caught up with him at Glee's 100th episode celebration. "I could totally do a completely selfish episode and it would be like a Miley Cyrus tribute episode," he laughed. "But no I think I'm going to do something with animals and the elderly, something we haven't done yet." Not to worry, Glee fans, we suggested the perfect guest star for Chris' episode: Rebel Wilson. "Oh I would love to have her on," Colfer gushed. "She's incredible and I'd love to have her on in any way. Plus, she can sing." Better start tweeting those words of encouragement, gleeks!

You guys have been holding back on us True Blood fans. Spill it!
We're sorry, we didn't know there were any True Blood fans still out there... (We kid, we kid!) When the blood-thirsty HBO series returns this summer, brace yourselves for a whole new mess of baddies and troublemakers. One of our favorites is Mr. Gus--he's a Japan native who has fully embraced the "everything's bigger in Texas" way of living. The only thing bigger than his lavish, southern lifestyle? His quest for revenge, and trust us when we tell you, you do not want to cross him.  

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