Helen Mirren, Twerking

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Woman of the Year, indeed.

Helen Mirren accepted the honor from Harvard's Hasty Pudding Theatricals with gusto tonight in Cambridge, Mass., delivering a killer speech, giving some Miley Cyrus tongue action and fearlessly twerking in front of everybody, despite the "absolutely humiliating" time she tried it alone in her bedroom.

We're no experts, but the 68-year-old Oscar winner is a pretty believable twerker.

Mirren was selected earlier this month to receive the prized Pudding Pot (Neil Patrick Harris will be honored as Man of the Year next week) and she seemed happy to be paraded through the streets of Cambridge in a convertible, flanked by Hasty Pudding fellows dressed in drag, despite the 20-degree weather.

Dame Helen Mirren

Paul Marotta/WireImage

It's tradition, after all!

"As someone who adores pudding in all its manifestations...suet, Christmas, treacle, bread-and-butter, Yorkshire, plum, figgy, etc., etc., I am so looking forward to the famous Hasty Pudding," Mirren stated upon learning she had been tapped for the honor.

The privileged group who got to witness Mirren twerking in person also got to ask her some questions, including whom she thought would merge victorious in a fight, herself or fellow acting legend-in-the-making Meryl Streep.

"Meryl would win, definitely," Mirren said graciously. "She's bigger, stronger and mentally stronger than I am."

Also revealed tonight was that the dame is just like the rest of us—she's a huge Beyoncé fan.

Dame Helen Mirren

Paul Marotta/WireImage

"I thinks she's quite extraordinary," the thesp said of the Grammy spotlight-stealer. "I had the great opportunity to be on the same stage as her, not on the same time, but I was in the wings, at the Kennedy Center Honors, and she was performing, and I was kind of watching her prepare. 

"She had this incredible sense of concentration and energy and preparation. I was very impressed by that. Standing in the wings watching her was this explosion of energy. Quite spectacular."

Well that makes two of you.

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