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It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday…that song is in your head now, isn't it? You are so welcome. Just kidding, we totally cursed you. But we can make it up to you!

Remember how we told you guys about the new villain on Once Upon a Time? We have even more info on the big bad! And fans of Danny and Mindy on The Mindy Project will definitely want to have a scroll on down. We even chatted with Jeremy Piven about what Ari Gold is up to in the Entourage movie. All that, plus scoop on Mad Men, True Blood, The Mentalist and more in today's edition of Spoiler Chat:

Monica: So excited for Rebecca Mader on Once Upon a Time! Can you spill anything on what she's playing?
She's one of the best female villians of all time, and not just in recent Disney history. This one even has her own theme music! Also, we can tell you that she is being brought in because now that Rumple and Regina have made peace, the writers felt they needed a new Big Bad and Mader's character will definitely be at odds with Regina. We will hopefully have your very first look at Mader's character (the new villain) on the night of Dec. 15 on E! Online, right after the episode of Once Upon a Time ends, so make sure you check back!

Debbie: Mindy Project's Christmas episode was the show's best yet! Mindy and Danny have to get together, right?!
Well, we've got good news and bad news. It seems like her relationship with Cliff will be getting super-serious super-fast as we'll be meeting his grandfather in episode 16, which finds Mindy supporting her new boyfriend during a very difficult time. That said, you can expect to see Mindy help Danny during a very emotional experience in the very next episode

Andy in Indiana: Do you guys have any info on the Entourage movie?
Actually, we just spoke to Jeremy Piven about what Ari Gold is up to in the movie. He tells us that the big screen continuation of the HBO series will pick up in Italy and Ari will have a "huge decision" to make. Essentially, he's been "handed the keys to the kingdom" and it's a question of if Ari wants to run Hollywood. What do you think he's going to say to that?

True Blood - Season 6 Finale Photos

John P. Johnson/HBO

Connor: Any scoop on what we can expect from the True Blood premiere? Cannot believe it's really ending!
The premiere episode, which is titled "Jesus Gonna Be Here," will feature a super-adorable flashback to Sookie and Tara when they were just 10. (We're already preparing to feel all warm and fuzzy.) Plus, we'll also get a Bill-centric flashback as we'll get to see more of his family in 1862, including his young daughter Sarah and wife Caroline. 

Henry: So, Red John is dead on The Mentalist…now what?
Back to business as usual! At least, that's how it's going to be by the time episode 14 comes around. However, the title of the episode will tell you that even though Red John is dead, his presence won't be forgotten, if you allow us to be so vague. Episode 14 is called "Grey Water." Make of that what you will.

Lucy P.: Quick! Gimme a big Mad Men spoiler in five words or less.
More hippies than Don can handle. That was six words. You're welcome.

Tricia: Really loving The Crazy Ones, so I'll take any scoop I can get!
Ruh-roh, someone's going to be in trouble with the law soon. Like, they find themselves behind bars kind of trouble. So who is it? While we don't want to fully spoil the arrest, it's one of these three people: Simon, Sydney or Zach!

Alia: Devious Maids is my guiltiest pleasure, so any season-two scoop you have would be perfection.
Want to hear about the terrible people you'll meet in season two? Of course you do! We'll meet an ex-stripper who married an older man for money and instead of taking care of her ailing hubby, she just has affairs. But she's not the worst one. Wait until you meet the charming man whose wife died under very mysterious circumstances…

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