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The royal baby is born!

Prince William and Kate Middleton have welcomed their first child, a son, earlier today, and now the world is waiting on baited breath to see what they decided to call their firstborn.

As with most things in the royal family, following tradition is a key aspect in figuring out the perfect moniker for the first Prince of Cambridge (which is a title that hasn't been used in over 190 years, just so you know).

So just how much will history play into what the soon-to-be parents choose?

Victoria Arbiter, ABC's royals contributor and daughter of former Queen Elizabeth II press secretary Dickie Arbiter, tells E! News that there's an overwhelming amount of pressure on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to pick the the best name.

"You have to remember they are naming the future king or queen. So you won't want to see something silly, like Queen Suri, which wold be fine if you are playing dress up but it is not quite appropriate for when you are the queen of 16 nations," she said.

Solid point!

"They are going to be very careful when naming their child," she explained. "So we will see something traditional...Will and Kate by nature, are just very traditional."

And, very likely, the parents will pick something that borrows from one or more of the baby's royal relatives.

"When we are looking at boy's names, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw George as a first name as a tribute to the queen's father," Arbiter says.

"What is nice about George is it has become a bit trendy, cool and fun again without being silly. We may also see mention of Philip, possibly Charles for William's father. We may see Arthur, which is a middle name that both William and Charles share. All very traditional."

It should be noted, however, that Prince William was named after Prince William of Gloucester, his father's seven-years older cousin and personal friend who passed away in 1972.

The baby's last name is also up to the parents as of now., and there are three choices for them to decide upon.

According to BBC News, the newborn's last name can be Wales, like dad; Cambridge, like the royal house bestowed on his or her parents by Queen Elizabeth II when they got married; or Mountbatten-Windsor, the two-for-one surname of Prince Philip, who got Mountbatten for his maternal grandparents, and the queen, whose father, King George V, selected Windsor for his family in 1917.

The one name that the duke and duchess will not be deciding upon is the baby's title.

"Buckingham Palace has made it very clear that any children born to William and Kate will automatically be prince [or] princess," Arbiter added.

We'll soon know what the baby prince will be named!

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