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Get excited people, today's Spoiler Chat hits the three big Gs!

Yes, that's right: We've got scoop on Game of Thrones' latest shocker, a potential Glee exit and a fan favorite's possible return on Grey's Anatomy! But that's not all! We've also got spoilers on a True Blood hottie, New Girl's Nick and Jess, The Mindy Project's ongoing will-they-or-won't-they dynamic between Danny and Mindy and more...

Daniel: What's with the lack of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia scoop?!
How about we make it up to you with the smooth sounds of Boyz II Men? Oh yes, the gang will be entering a Boyz II Men tribute band competition in an upcoming episode and decide to quarantine themselves before the big event to avoid getting sick. As tribute bands tend to do.

Jasmine: What's this I hear of Heather Morris leaving Glee? Say it isn't so!
We are more than happy to do so as that rumor is so very false. The mama-to-be will definitely be appearing through the end of the season. We also hear there may be some Brittana action in the finale, which will feature a possible Klaine proposal!

Thomas: The end of Sunday's Game of Thrones was insane! What can we expect to see for Jaime now that he's down a hand?
Oh, things are going to get worse for the handsome Lannister. You'd think his torturers would be done with him now that his confidence is shot and he's being forced to wear his severed hand around his neck (seriously), but no, Jaime's journey will only get harder and he's down to throw a pity party. But the silver lining is Brienne is around to give him a much-needed ego check and boost. That's what friends (frenemies?) are for, right?

Ronnie: I need love scoop on one of these three couples: Nick and Jess (New Girl), Fitz and Olivia (Scandal) or Jim and Pam (The Office). Help!
Eenie, meenie, miney….New Girl! Jake Johnson tells us that he can't confirm or deny if they will be a full-blown couple by the end of the season, but the next new episode is a can't miss! "There's a lot of activity," Johnson tells us. "It's crazy. Jess and Nick fans will love it!"



Jess: I heard now that Kate Walsh is done with Private Practice she will be back on Grey's Anatomy for the end of the season. True or false?
According to Kate Walsh herself: false. But not inconceivable! "I don't think so," she tells us after we asked if she would return to Grey's. "But never say never!" We never do, Kate. We never do.

Alicia R.: We haven't heard a peep about True Blood from my bb Ryan Kwanten. What's he doing?
He's probably doing sit-ups somewhere. God bless him. But for real, we did just chat with him about the new season of True Blood, and he delivered some harrowing news. "There are more deaths," he tells us. "Some favorite characters may not last." We did not like that piece of scoop (don't you dare touch Lafayette, TB writers!), but we did like it when Kwanten said that the show was getting back to the supernatural elements and madness that it's famous for.

Frank: Mindy Project has surpassed HIMYM and is now my favorite comedy on television. Spoilers?
Did you tell Mindy Kaling about this turn of events? We'll email her. Now about your request for scoop, Kaling tells us that if you are a fan of any of the men she's dated on the show (all nine million of them; girl is busy) then you'll be happy to know that her character will not find love anytime soon and the dating shenanigans will continue. The reasoning behind Mindy and Danny (or anyone else) not starting a relationship on The Mindy Project? Dating around is "too fun to act," according to Kaling.

Tyler in Pittsburgh: Loved the Defiance premiere last night! Any chance for spoilers on what's coming up?
What, the scoop from Grant Bowler and Julie Benz wasn't enough? Greedy much? Ah, we kid because we love. Stephanie Leonidas, who plays Irisa, tells us that her character will not be mysterious for much longer. "We will figure out more about Irisa's past," Leonidas says about upcoming episodes. But don't expect any emotional connection between her and any other characters any time soon. "[She's] not good with emotions, but she is good with a knife!"

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and Tierney Bricker

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