Hulk Hogan

Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images

Grab those push-up bras and head south, ladies!

Hulk Hogan is opening Hogan's Beach, a new "breastaurant" in Tampa Bay, Florida, on New Year's Eve. The wrestler turned reality star told the Tampa Bay Times his new eatery is "going to be Jimmy Buffett's [Margaritaville] times 10; Hooters times 10."

"It's a logical extension of the Hogan brand, with my image and likeness," he said. "In 36 years I've become so tangible to the public, and not just Americans. We have a chance to have an international draw."

"I see myself almost like a general manager, creatively," he added. "I play a fake general manager on Impact Wrestling. But this is for real."

The restaurant features a "mechanical shark," volleyball courts, fire pits, a live music stage, beach cabanas and a huge deck. Ultimately, Hulk wants the 20,000 square-foot restaurant to turn into a reality show.

"I just went out to Los Angeles to pitch Hogan's Beach. CMT is very interested," he said. "It would be like a controlled sound stage, with the pool, bar, volleyball and live music."

"It's Baywatch, Muscle Beach and Cheers all in one," he explained. Although he vowed not to "[bring] the cameras into my house this time. I'm not going to make that mistake again."

What a boob.

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